Build Cloud-native apps faster and securely with Azure Kubernetes Services 

Build Cloud-native apps faster and securely with Azure Kubernetes Services 

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Product/Solution Explanation

Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) is an open-source container orchestration service that allows developers to deploy and manage containers in a fully managed environment, thereby accelerating application development and deployment.
Minimise the need for infrastructure maintenance by enabling automated upgrades, patching, and self-healing.

Key Features 

Ability to Integrate Development Tool
Integrate development tools (such as Helm and Draft) on AKS and run your containers directly from the Azure Kubernetes environment. 
Aligns with Any Workload
You can easily run any type of workload (. NET or Java applications) on Azure Kubernetes Services. 
Leading-edge Security Features
AKS integrates seamlessly with top-tier Azure security services (for example, Azure Active Directory (AD)) to enable complete security monitoring, identity and access management, and much more. 

Key Benefits 

Leading-edge Security Features
Running your applications in a fully managed environment allows your developers to focus less on patching or implementing upgrades and more on actual development, resulting in faster delivery.
Advanced Security
With access to top-notch security services from Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS), you can achieve optimal security. 
Reduced Costs
Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) eliminates the need to set-up, maintain, and secure your own kubernetes in the cloud, allowing you to minimize expenditures.
Improved Compliance
he platform is compliant with regulatory requirements and ensures that you follow them.

Accelerate your application development with Azure Kubernetes Services.