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OpenSSF GM talks funding, legal software supply chain issues | TechTarget

Generative AI Spurs Cloud Demand—and Competition

AI At War

Searching for gold in enterprise AI

Solving Quick Quitting With Remote and Hybrid Work

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Microsoft Surface Warranty and Protection Plans

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Why the shift from #cybersecurity to #cyberresilience? Reply to start a conversation on trends and ideas.

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🤔 Have you already experimented with AI tools tailored for #cloudops? What’s your initial impression and what long-term impact do you think AI tech will have on the cloud?

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Sorting through all the AL hype dominating tech news, is there one particular #AIusecase that you find most intriguing?

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🤔Is your organization planning to restructure #ITprocurement plans to make room for increased investment in #AIPowered tech?

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Do you think companies that require employees to be in the office five days a week are putting themselves at a disadvantage in terms of #talentretention? How much value do you personally put in a flexible #hybridwork model?

Surface Repairability