Build, deploy, and scale apps with Azure RedHat, OpenShift and managed databases 

Reduce development time while enhancing flexibility and scalability

Businesses want to transform and build applications but are faced with the complexity of building, implementation, management and operation of container environment and application development platforms. Many companies and businesses do not want to be bothered with operational complexity and they see this as a major blocker to cloud adoption.  Azure Redhat, OpenShift and managed Database is a cloud-based application development platform that solves this major challenge by letting you focus on building applications.  

Azure Redhat, OpenShift and managed databases are jointly engineered, operated and managed by both Microsoft and Redhat. With this solution offering, businesses are able to build applications, scale them and empower developers to be more productive while maintaining a secure environment 

Trusted By Many Companies

Benefits of Building Apps with Azure RedHat, OpenShift and managed Databases


Readily see the real-time change in consumer behaviour, reaction to your campaigns, and keep track of your growth. This helps you take up timely measures in case of a failing campaign and steer away from a worst-case scenario. 

Self Service Deployment

You have a flexible self-service deployment that allows you up and running in no time to effectively and efficiently build applications, create the services and resources you need on demand with zero downtime. 


You are guaranteed utmost security as it is regulatory compliant with compliance certifications.


Your developers can connect applications to Azure services, get developer productivity tools that keeps them productive and monitoring tools to make you able to monitor productivity.  

Operation Support

Azure portal integration where you can easily view OpenShift clusters in the Azure web portal. You also have an integrated support experience by coordinated issue escalation and support process via an integrated ticketing system found in the Azure portal. 

Accelerate time to insights with Azure Cloud-Scale Analytics