Easily Increase & Decrease Server & Storage Usage as your Business Evolve 

Run your Citrix workloads on Azure

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Citrix on Azure

Running your Citrix Virtual Apps and desktop service workloads
on Azure VMware enables you to easily add and extend desktop
services without investing time or capital in additional data center

Key Benefits

Built-in security and privacy

Azure offers the safe foundation required for your desktop infrastructure requirements. In fact, 94 percent of Citrix on Azure users fulfilled security benefits they didn’t have on their on-premise infrastructures.

Build on the Microsoft environment you know

Microsoft is quite popular. Infact, 90% of the Fortune 500 use Azure. By migrating your Citrix setup to Azure, you can take advantage of all the flexibility and convenience that the cloud has to offer without having to go through the hassle of retraining staff members on new software.

Pay only for what you need and use on Azure

The pay-per-use pricing model for Azure completely removes CAPEX and also dramatically lowers OPEX. You only pay for the resources you use with Citrix Cloud because it is a subscription service that runs on Azure.

Rapid elasticity for a workforce that is changing

Your business may scale on-demand and streamline workspace deployment by migrating your on-premise VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) design to the Azure cloud. As a result, you only allocate the resources you actually need, eliminating the possibility of over-provisioning.


You can guarantee anytime/anywhere access to employee workloads when you migrate your Citrix workloads to Azure.

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