Sustaining Agility: Nurturing a Dynamic Startup Culture as You Scale 

Join our live webinar on Thursday, 24th August 2023, to learn how to successfully navigate startup growth, stay innovative, and drive sustainability. 

Time: 10:00 am (WAT)

About the event

As startups experience growth, maintaining their initial agility and creativity becomes increasingly difficult. While trying to navigate through mounting bureaucracy and complexity, these once nimble and flexible companies may lose their responsiveness to market changes, ultimately impacting their competitive edge.

To help startups remain agile, boost resilience, and drive innovation amid growth, Reliance Infosystems has put together an insightful webinar tagged “Sustaining Agility: Nurturing a Dynamic Startup Culture as You Scale”.

This Webinar is Designed to:

Meet Our Speakers

Najma Stella Nganga
Vice President SME Ecosystem  

Gregor Pannike
Attorney at Law/ Managing Partner

Andy Eberechukwu Akukwe
Vice President Startup Ecosystem 

Sarah Ayeyemi 
Customer Excellence Strategist 

Come learn how to master growth, thrive, and unleash your startup’s potential.