Modernizing Data Protection for Business Resilience

Explore modernization techniques, innovative data protection solutions, and cybersecurity best practices that you need to better secure your personal and corporate data.

  12TH OCTOBER, 2022   10AM (WAT)

The cyber threat landscape keeps evolving, hackers are devising new methods to outwit and exploit legacy security systems. To stay safe at a time like this, it is pertinent that you modernize your data security.
We understand that data security modernization can be complicated, and that is why we are here to point you in the right direction to make the process easy and seamless.

What You Will Learn


Victor Bayedo
Vice President Data Center and Endpoint Transformation
Reliance Infosystems
Gerhard Fourie
Channel Lead for Commvault Africa and Indian Ocean Islands
Kehinde Ojo
Customer Excellence Strategist
Reliance Infosystems


Discover new ways to better protect your data