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Leverage best-in-class Information Protection and Governance solutions to keep your organization’s data safe and secure.

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Information Protection
and Governance

Azure Container Apps is a fully managed environment, empowering you to seamlessly run microservices and containerized applications within a serverless platform. This versatile solution is ideal for a range of applications, including: 

Information Protection and Governance Solutions

Microsoft Purview
Information Protection

Enhance data security and compliance through proactive information discovery, classification, and protection.
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Microsoft Purview Data Loss

Empower your organization to prevent  protection data loss with proactive protection and policy enforcement.
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Microsoft Purview Insider
Risk Management

Proactively mitigate internal risks and safeguard your organization’s data with robust threat detection and prevention.
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Benefits of Information Protection and Governance

Data Security

Implement robust information protection and governance to safeguard your organization’s data, ensuring absolute confidentiality, integrity, and availability while preventing unauthorized access or breaches.

Leverage Competitive Advantage

Convert your data into a strategic asset to gain an unassailable competitive edge and respond decisively to market dynamics.

Risk Management

Proactively identify and mitigate data-related risks and significantly reduce the likelihood of costly data breaches and security incidents.

Protect Data Privacy

Ensure indisputable compliance with privacy regulations by deploying airtight data governance, leaving no room for compromise in handling your sensitive customer information.

Reputation Management

Impeccably protect and govern your data to maintain an organization's reputation, assuring the unwavering trust of customers, partners, and stakeholders.

Properly classify, protect, and govern
your data according to best practices
and industry standards.