Leveraging Fortinet Solutions for Optimal Cybersecurity 

Join us on Thursday, 9th March 2023 to learn how you can leverage the Fortinet Security Fabric to better protect your organization's critical assets against cyber threats and attacks. 

THURSDAY, MARCH 9TH, 2023          10AM (WAT)


Cyber threats are a major concern for organizations of all sizes, and defending against them is critical to maintaining business continuity and protecting sensitive information.

To help organizations stay secure and productive in our current world of work, Digitank Technologies has put together an insightful webinar on ‘Leveraging Fortinet Solutions for Optimal Cybersecurity.’

At this event, seasoned cybersecurity experts would be discussing how you can leverage the Fortinet Security Fabric to protect your organization against the latest cyber threats.

Come and learn about: 

The features of the Fortinet Security Fabric. 

How the Fortinet Security Fabric can be used to protect your organization. 

Reducing complexity and closing security gaps. 

Enabling operational efficiency with the help of the Fortinet Security Fabric. 


Motunrayo Rashidat Dagunduro 
Vice President, Global Transformation
Valentine Abayo 
(Cybersecurity and Network Engineer) 
Glorious Modikwane 
(Cybersecurity and Network Engineer) 
Annik Oye Bediako 
 (Cybersecurity and Network Engineer)

Come, let’s discuss the Fortinet Security Fabric and how it could be of immeasurable importance to your organization.