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GitHub Enterprise

GitHub Enterprise is a private version of the public GitHub that fosters code collaboration among developer teams. Unlike the public version, it is deployed within an organization’s infrastructure, making it easier to manage and scale without external interventions.

The code developed within an organization is private to the company’s authorized staff and used to promote the organization’s activities

Key Features of GitHub Enterprise

The platform tightens the security around code development, automating workflows, and accelerating delivery timelines.

Reliable Performance

GitHub enterprise accepts several tools to enable teams to collaborate, sync and achieve more together. Some of these include Codeship, AWS CodeBuild and RocketChat. Integration can also be done with the existing ecosystem.

Cost Efficiency

GitHub Enterprise users are not limited to the original provisions as they can customize the platform to reflect their organization’s brand and preferences. The user experience can also be redesigned to fit unique needs.

Faster Time to Market

this elevates security and compliance through its capability to track events that occur within the computer system or network. It monitors system activity, troubleshoots and identifies threats. It helps to identify unauthorized access and investigate incidents through information such as time and date of activities, user, event type, and affected resource.

Simplified Management

As desired by the organization, GitHub enterprise can adjust its capacity to accommodate users, repositories, and storage to meet the requirements of the company per time. It is ideal for growing teams and large organizations.

Key Benefits of GitHub Enterprise

Code Security

Its private nature ensures your organization’s codes are secure from the public eye. Even within the organization, only qualified individuals can access and view codes. This prevents source code from being copied by developers external to the organization.

Infrastructure flexibility

Whether the organization chooses to have GitHub Enterprise in the cloud or in a physical enterprise server version, it can work seamlessly. A physical enterprise server may be more secure and reliable but expensive to maintain while the cloud version is more affordable but less reliable.

Centralized management

with the platform internal to the organization, management of repositories, users, and settings is easier and more efficient. It simplifies the process of deploying and managing software across the organization.

Enhanced productivity

Developer teams can sync effectively to execute tasks within the platform. Pull requests, audit logging, and more are carried out easily, and teams can fast track their time to results.

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