Boost Your Linux Workload Performance for Better Outcomes with Microsoft Azure 

Join us for an exclusive live workshop on Thursday, June 6th, 2024, and discover how to optimize your Linux workloads with Microsoft Azure.

About The Event

With 60% of enterprises leveraging cloud platforms achieving accelerated time-to-market and heightened agility, the imperative of cloud migration for organizations striving to remain competitive and thrive is undeniable. On-premises infrastructure simply cannot keep pace with the ever-changing demands of today’s market, especially for Linux workloads. Migrating and modernizing your Linux systems on Azure is the key to resilience and sustainable success.

To assist you in this transition, Reliance Infosystems in collaboration with Microsoft and AMD have put together this insightful Linux migration workshop.

Showcase the numerous business benefits of migrating your Linux workloads to Microsoft Azure.

Enable you to assess your current needs and identify the most suitable hosting option for your business.

Highlight common pitfalls to avoid during the migration process.

Offer expert guidance and proven methodologies for ensuring a seamless transition.

Help you uncover Azure services specifically tailored for Linux workloads.

Empower you to fully harness the capabilities of Azure.

Meet Our Speakers

Workshop Agenda

Come learn how to optimize your Linux workloads and gain a
competitive edge. raining program today.