Protect your multi-cloud and hybrid environments

Manage your cloud security posture effectivity with Microsoft Defender for Cloud and Azure Network Security

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Microsoft Defender For Cloud

Microsoft Defender for Cloud is a solution for cloud security posture management (CSPM) and cloud workload protection (CWP) that finds weak spots across your cloud configuration, helps strengthen the overall security posture of your environment, and protect workloads across multi-cloud and hybrid environments from evolving threats.

Continuous Assessment of the Security Posture of Cloud resources

Strengthen the security posture of your cloud resources running in Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.

Vulnerability Detection

Detect vulnerabilities to protect your multicloud and hybrid workloads against malicious attacks.

Protection of Cloud and Hybrid Workloads Against Threats

Microsoft Defender for Cloud enables you to better secure your critical workloads across VMs, containers, databases, storage, app services, and more.

Azure Network Security

Azure Network security services protect your applications within multicloud and hybrid environments from network-based cyberattacks. It adopts a zero-trust approach to securing your workloads, thus keeping you protected.

DDoS Protection

Protect your cloud resources from DDoS attacks with monitoring and automatic network mitigation.

Web Application Firewall

Centralized protection of web applications from common exploits and vulnerabilities such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting.

Network Firewall

Protect your cloud Virtual Network resources with a cloud-native, next-generation firewall.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud & Azure Network Security – Better Together

Some of the benefits of the powerful combination of Microsoft Defender and Azure Network Security


Enables secure remote work

Detect unusual behaviour across cloud apps to identify ransomware, compromised users, or rogue applications. Analyze usage of apps and mitigate risks.


Reduced security cost and less risk of security breach

You get to reduce the total cost of ownership related to security infrastructure, establish DevSecOps processes, reduce the risk of material security breaches, and reduce the burden on IT to manage networks and upgrades— allowing your teams to focus on more strategic workstreams.


Productivity Gains

By implementing infrastructure-as-code practices and incorporating security directly into application development workflows, you get to speed up the development, and time-to-market of applications.

Get the integrated security protection that fits your organization needs