Ensure Regulatory Compliance and Safeguard Your Electronic Records

Efficiently handle your records, ensure label compliance, and mitigate legal risks with Microsoft Purview Records Management.

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Microsoft Purview Records Management

Microsoft Purview Records Management is a solution designed to assist organizations in efficiently managing their records, ensuring compliance with regulations, and maintaining data governance. It is part of the Microsoft Purview platform which focuses on

Purview Records Management enables organizations to identify, classify, retain, and dispose records according to their lifecycle and compliance requirements. It helps organizations reduce the risk of data breaches, ensure regulatory compliance, and maintai

Features of Microsoft Purview Records Management

Retention Label

Configure your settings for a label or record retention or deletion.


Through power shell commands, Microsoft Purview Record Management software supports automation of labels and records.

Microsoft Power Platform Connector

Connect your accounts and leverage sets prebuilt actions and triggers to build your apps and workflow.

Power Automate Integration

Power Automate integrates with Microsoft Purview Records Management to ensure steps in your unique business processes are completed.


Records management

Microsoft Purview Record Management enables you to manage high-value records while meeting the legal and regulatory requirements.

Automated policies

Classify and govern data at scale based on file properties, the presence of sensitive data, or machine learning.

Actions and Triggers Notification

Get notifications when a trigger is required and when an action is being required or taken.

Smooth Operations Flow

Ensure smooth flow of your operations through customized and built in integrations.

Easily safeguard your electronic
records and stay compliant

Leverage Microsoft Purview Records Management to streamline your records management and enhance governance.