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Migrate Enterprise Apps

Enterprise apps are the digital infrastructure on which modern businesses are run. They are the powerhouse and play a crucial role in operational success. A custom solution for file-sharing, recording and storing customer data, financial accounting, purchasing and inventory, and many more exponentially improve the daily activities of the staff and customers within an organization.

Despite being instrumental to organizational success, enterprise apps are subject to limitations. They have limited scalability and flexibility, security loopholes, and are expensive to maintain.

Migrating your .Net and Java applications to Azure App Service is a paradigm shift that unveils a new tier of efficiency.

Azure App Service, a cloud-based Microsoft solution, undertakes the responsibility of hosting and managing your enterprise applications, allowing your team to achieve more impactful results in their activities. This platform-as-a-service (PaaS) is easy to use and manage, offering high availability, automatic scaling, and tighter security at affordable rates.

Overview of
Azure App Service

Azure App Service is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) on Microsoft Azure that enables developers to build, deploy and scale web apps and APIs on their own terms. It is a fully managed service with built-in infrastructure maintenance, security patching, and scaling.

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Why run your enterprise applications
in the Azure Cloud


Automatically minimize the cost of running IT infrastructure management and reduce the time developers spend worrying about it. Azure App Services guarantees you 54% TCO savings on web apps when compared to on-premise apps.

Speed up Innovation

Focus your investments on innovation, not on managing the infrastructure. Defer operational complexity of your app to the cloud platform. Take advantage of modern app dev practices without rearchitecting or recoding existing apps.

Global performance

Achieve a more distributed reach with App Service’s global presence. It brings your solutions closer to potential customers and increases the ease of doing business.

Improved productivity

App Service provides access to a host of Azure services that expedite the application development process, reducing the time-to-insight and ensuring top quality products. It offers built-in continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) and zero-downtime deployments, making it easy to streamline the development and deployment process.


Adjust your resources to the amount of traffic per time without sacrificing any capabilities. This optimizes resources and empowers your enterprise to accommodate a growing customer base. Maintain peak performance of your apps and data when autoscaling to your apps and data when autoscaling to meet surge and dips.

Enhanced security

Azure is highly focused on robust security which becomes accessible to your which becomes accessible to your which becomes accessible to your enterprise apps, eliminating vulnerabilities and improving your overall security posture. Developers can focus more on application innovation focus more on application innovation.

Simplify your app development and
deployment with Azure App Service