Simplify your utility revenue collection and improve customer experience

Leverage Utildam Electronic Billing Platform

A utility management solution with a number of applications and services, Utildam Electronic Billing Platform ensures real-time management of smart meters, efficient revenue collection, proactive management of revenue leakage, and minimization of fraud. With Utildam, consumers can also plan, direct, control, monitor and effectively manage their water, waste disposal, and electricity bills.

What Utildam Can Do For You

Multiple payment channels

This solution allows customers to pay their utility bills via different channels. They can make payments through banks, mobile network operators, payment service platforms, and authorized regional third-party collectors.

Electronic Billing

Utildam provides an integrated platform for end-to-end processing.

Reduced billing errors

With its effective electronic billing service, Utildam helps to drastically reduce billing errors and fraud.

Real-Time Transaction

Manage and control meters in real-time as well as proactive revenue management.

Improve customer experience and satisfaction

This solution helps to improve customer experience and satisfaction through digitalized operation and IoT technology.

Achieve A Lot With Utildam

Field Activity Services

Utildam has a range of field activity services that include meter installation, meter reading, meter maintenance, meter disconnection and reconnection. These activities use route optimization algorithms to provide the order and the time for all field activities.

Customer Communication Service

This is the primary communication module of Utildam, it ensures effective communication with customers through email or SMS. The information communicated to customers includes; field activity schedule alerts, field activity completion alerts, meter issue alerts, consumption alerts, periodic consumption alerts, disconnection/reconnection reminder, and valve status change alerts.

Automated Processing Service
This service is the transaction and scheduling module, it manages automated transaction scheduling and processing.
Billing and Collection

Utildam ensures improved utility revenue collection and reconciliation processes.

Ensure efficient revenue collection and good customer experience with Utildam