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We offer consulting services as our first point of engagement in helping our customers through the operational excellence journey.

Customer Engagement

Deliver a unified and personalised customer experience from initial contact through the Sales process into Service and Support through a suite of connected intelligent business applications. With Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement, you can optimise your Sales and Marketing operations, gather insights for effective engagement and service, optimise your resources and dispatch the right technician with improved scheduling, while confidently managing your projects and empowering your service professionals to deliver the best through collaborative tools. Leveraging on the Intelligent Cloud, you gain actionable insights from all your customer data.

Data Platform

Data has become a strategic asset of every business. With 44 zetabytes of available data, there has never been such an abundance of information. The volume, velocity, and variety of this data presents unique challenges with its handling and utilisation. How do you capture all the data you require? How do you store, retrieve and utilise this data in your operations? Microsoft’s Data Platform provides the tools to capture and tame your data and unlock insights hidden within it whether on-premise, in the cloud or at the edge; insights that could truly transform your business and help you gain that so needed competitive advantage, all the while achieving so much more with less.

Business Intelligence​

You probably have plenty of data – customer information, accounting records, performance data, inventory logs, transportation schedules, training schedules and lots more. Your organisation needs to make decisions everyday based on the intelligence and insights gained from these data. Power BI – Microsoft’s Data Analytics Solution – empowers you to connect to a broad range of data sources. You can model, analyse and visualise the data to uncover hidden insights. You get to monitor your data in real-time from any device and across all major operating systems. Seamlessly share your reports and interactive dashboards with anyone and everyone you want

Business Operation

To drive growth, businesses need to connect their people, processes and data within a system possessing dynamic intelligence. Dynamics 365 Business Central enables you to optimise your operations, drive growth and make real-time, data-driven decisions. This intelligent, modern ERP helps you accelerate the speed of doing business by enabling your organisation to make smarter decisions quickly, while transforming business processes and facilitating radical business growth.

Payment and Collections

In today’s fast-paced business environment, being able to accept all forms and methods of payment can be the difference between a sale and a walk-out. A modern payments and collections platform can also impact the speed of doing business, reduce transaction costs and improve transaction processing. Reliance is able to support your businesses by developing bespoke payments and collections integration platforms for your line of business applications.

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