Turn your data into business opportunities

Migrating data from traditional server is a necessity. Here’s a solution offered by Azure for cloud migration and tools to discover, assess and migrate workloads to the cloud.​

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Microsoft Power BI is a suite of business intelligence (BI), reporting, and data visualization tools and services for businesses. It creates dashboards and visuals from your raw data, and this enables you to evaluate data more quickly, detect trends and patterns, and gain actionable insights to help you make better business decisions.

Make the most out of your data

Interactive Power BI desktop

No advanced skills? No problem! Start creating reports using the easy-to-learn Power BI.

Customized Visualization

Feeling creative? Easily access the custom library of visualization and design yourself a visualization that best presents your data.


Power BI comes with several security capabilities that protect sensitive data and adhere to various security and compliance standards.

Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

With three AI visualisations, you can use the AI capabilities of Power BI to get more value out of your data.

Easy Access & Collaboration

Simplify your data analysis process. Access your data and collaborate effortlessly anywhere and at any time with relative ease.

How PowerBI helps your organisation

Power BI easily connects and integrates big data, streaming data, on-premise data sources, excel spreadsheets, and cloud data. It doesn’t matter where the data resides, Power BI can merge and analyze it.

With Power BI, you can completely automate your daily and weekly reports. It allows you to easily schedule reports to automatically send out as attachments to management staff and other decision-makers.

It turns valuable data into easy actions. With Power BI, teams gain valuable insights from their dashboards, seamlessly send them through Sharepoint and link them to Microsoft Project so every project action is built on trustworthy data.

Accessibility to your data wherever you are is crucial in our new world of work, and Power BI makes it possible for its users. The service is built for both desktop and mobile versions for iOS, Android and Windows devices.