Lookup employees and encourage collaboration with the employee lookup!


Unites the organization’s employees and increases awareness of one another. Chat and call through the Employee Lookup solution. Easily find any employee in your organization. Get an overview of departmental breakdowns and all employees within a department, making it easy to identify and contact the right person for any given task.


Benefits of using this Solution

Microsoft Teams Integration
  • Calls and chats directly from the application, without having to switch between different software.
Up-To-Date Information On Department Increase
  • Offers up-to-date information on departmental increases. This means you can stay on top of any changes within your organization and adjust your workflows accordingly.
Custom Search
  • Easily locate and get an employee’s profile within your organization, through the search box.

Overall, the Employee Lookup application is a powerful tool for any organization looking to increase collaboration, productivity, and efficiency. With its comprehensive overview of employees and departments, up-to-date information on departmental growth, integration with Microsoft Teams, and custom search functionality, Employee Lookup is a must-have for any organization looking to stay ahead of the curve!

License Requirement

This solution requires the following Microsoft’s licenses…

  • An existing Microsoft 365 license.
  • Existing Azure AD license.