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Unlock Cloud-Driven Innovation for Business Growth 

Modernise Your SAP Applications with Microsoft Azure 

SAP on Azure offers a cloud-driven platform that seamlessly integrates your SAP's enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications with the robust cloud infrastructure of Microsoft Cloud.

Seamlessly transition your organisations’ SAP workloads to the cloud and unlock the full potential of Microsoft Azure’s unmatched scalability, top-tier security, and unwavering reliability.

The Business Value of SAP on Azure 

Business Agility

Embrace swift adaptability with SAP on Azure. Expedite the deployment of new SAP instances, effortlessly adjust resources according to requirements, and enjoy the latest SAP features and enhancements. 

Accelerated Innovation

Explore the realm of innovation by harnessing Azure's advanced capabilities like machine learning and analytics. This will empower your business to unearth valuable insights and make better business decisions. 


Ensure unwavering continuity with SAP on Azure. Benefit from a highly dependable infrastructure capable of withstanding unforeseen disasters, guaranteeing seamless operation of your SAP workloads without disruption.

Cost Efficiency

Maximize cost-efficiency through SAP workload migration to Azure. Curtail infrastructure expenses and exclusively pay for the resources you actively utilize. 


Gain the freedom to select the specific SAP components you require, and seamlessly scale resources up or down based on evolving needs. 

How Microsoft Azure Cloud Transforms Your SAP Workloads 

Business Agility

Optimize your ERP in the cloud with Azure's trusted SAP infrastructure, combining security, reliability, and scalability. 

SAP Azure Large Instances

Ensure peak performance and complete control leveraging dedicated cloud environments. 

Azure NetApp Files

Migrate and operate complex file-based apps, coding-free.

SAP Business Suite

Integrate your finance, sales, and HR, as well as company-focused processes on the cloud. 

SAP Hybrid

Enable business continuity with high availability and disaster recovery services. 

Azure VMs certified for SAP

Confidently run your workloads and scale with the largest certified SAP HANA Virtual Machines in the public cloud.

How Microsoft Azure Cloud Transforms Your SAP Workloads