Harness the power of the cloud with SkyTap

Migrate and run IBM Power and AIX Workloads on Azure. 

About SkyTap On Azure  

SkyTap on Azure is a robust service that empowers businesses to migrate, modernize, and run IBM Power or AIX workloads in their native format on Azure. It eliminates the need to refactor or rearchitect applications, saving businesses time, and money. With SkyTap on Azure, companies can effortlessly leverage the numerous benefits of Azure while maintaining the integrity and compatibility of their workloads. 

Key Features of SkyTap On Azure

Cloud Native Integration

Skytap runs on Microsoft Azure Dedicated Host and enables seamless integration with Azure services. 

Instant Access and Provisioning

With Skytap on Azure, you can create as many production-ready environments as required. 

Reliability and Reach

Built on the Azure platform, Skytap on Azure offers a 99.9% availability SLA with reach across all Azure regions. 

Self-Service Portal

Skytap provides a centralized admin portal that helps you manage your environments, VMs, networks, users, and settings from a single location. 

Benefits of SkyTap On Azure

Accelerated Migration

Skytap on Azure expedites the process of migrating IBM or AIX workloads to Azure. With advanced features, it ensures efficiency, compatibility, automation, and reduced downtime. 

Increased Agility

Providing simplified management, rapid provisioning, and autoscaling features, Skytap on Azure enables you to easily adapt to changing market conditions, improve the agility of your IBM Power or AIX workloads, and stay competitive. 

Enhanced Security

Skytap on Azure assists you to boost your security posture and protect your IBM Power and AIX workloads from a variety of threats. It achieves this by enabling you to harness the comprehensive set of security features on Azure. 

Improved Flexibility

Skytap on Azure provides organizations with the flexibility to run their IBM Power or AIX workloads on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. This can help organizations to meet their specific needs and requirements. 

Tap into endless possibilities on Azure with Skytap.