Discover apps that are designed for your needs in the Microsoft Teams Store

Collaborate better, be more effective and productive when you bring the right apps into the flow of work from the Microsoft Teams Store.

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About Microsoft Teams Store

The Microsoft Teams Store offers an extensive catalogue of validated and secure Teams apps that provides end-users access to the tools and services that their organization needs every day. It brings together your workplace tool and services while facilitating collaboration.

What to Expect in the Microsoft Teams Store?

Custom Apps

Microsoft Team Store avails users access to custom apps designed by their organisation to meet their specific needs.

Third-Party Apps

Get access to third-party applications with functionalities and security that scaled Micorosft’s rigorous validation.

Microsoft Apps

Microsoft Teams stores gives users access to Teams built-in apps provided by Microsoft to improve productivity and collaboration.


Its admin centre allows you to manage and control the apps that are available to users in your organisation’s app store. This ensures that the applications available are specifically tailored to your company’s needs.
Connect the apps that streamline your work by choosing from more than 700 apps designed to meet the various needs of organisations.
Build and publish custom apps tailored to your need, even with little or no development experience.
Boost productivity by activating apps that automates repetitive tasks— making you work smarter, not harder.
Bring essential data and workflows from other apps to Microsoft Teams
Increase your productivity. Find new ways to save time and effort with smart apps.