Migration to the Cloud
is Simplified

Migrating data from traditional server is a necessity. Here’s
a solution offered by Azure for cloud migration and tools to
discover, assess and migrate workloads to the cloud.​

Be Limitless

As you upgrade to a modern data platform, detecting compatibility issues that can impact database functionality in your new version of server is important. Server migration using Azure SQL recommends performance and reliability improvements for your target environment.

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SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines enables you to use full versions of SQL Server in the cloud without having to manage any on-premises hardware.

Automated Backups

Azure offers an enterprise-class backup solution for SQL Server running in Azure Virtual Machines.

Automated Updates

SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines can use Automated Patching to schedule a maintenance window for installing important windows and SQL Server updates automatically.

Automated Backups

SQL Server Availability Groups are designed to provide high availability for your databases. It involves multiple instances of SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines in a virtual network.

connect applications seamlessly upon migration

End-to-end visibility

The guided experience and progress dashboard walk you through discovery, assessment and migration phases for different business areas in one central data repository. Make the best migration decisions with built-in insights and recommendations.

Server Migration

Multiple Scenarios

Get support for key migration workloads such as Windows and Linux Server and virtual desktops. Migrate to destinations including Azure Virtual Machines, Azure VMware Solution, and others. Migrations are holistic across VMware, Hyper-V, physical server and cloud-to-cloud migration.

Things you would do with the SQL Server when migrating

Virtual machine image gallery allows one to create SQL Server VM with right version, Edition & operating system.

Migrate application with ease & continue to use tools. your skills & experience transfer to the cloud,

Tracking process of migration journey can be done centrally accross multile microsoft & Independent Software

Migrate applications with ease & continue to use familiar tools. your skills & experience transfer to the cloud, so you can do even more with what you already have.

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