Modernize your apps on Azure and accelerate business growth with AI

Harness the power of intelligent apps for
your business

Trusted by Many Companies

AI has forever changed what
Software makes possible

It's elevating our expectations

ChatGPT crossed 1 million users in 5 days of launch, setting the platform record1

It's reshaping every industry

The value of AI is projected to increase 13% – to $15,7 trillion by 20302

It's rejuvenating transformation

87% of organizations believe AI will give them a competitive edge3

Drive meaningful business value
with intelligent Apps

Outpace competition and delight customers with next-gen AI apps

Put your data to work with AI
Create unique differentiation
Build your own copilots

40% decrease in
customer support

Rapidly delivery new products that deepen customer engagement

Beat competitors to market
Increase user growth & satisfaction
Capture incremental revenue

Up to 1.5 months faster
time-to-market for new

Amplify employee capabilities and empower developers to innovate

Accelerate developer productivity
Attract the best developer talent
Reduce repetitive costly work

Up to 25% increased
developer efficiency4

Scale your business and reduce risk with future- ready technology

Reduce repetitive costly work
Consolidate redundant systems
Improve security posture

Up to 25% reduced app

Microsoft Azure is an end-to-end platform for modernizing existing apps and building new intelligent Apps

Azure offers the latest apps services, data, and AI and is the most comprehensive trusted cloud.

Azure Kubernetes Service

Orchestrate and manage containers at scale for easier AI model deployment.

Azure Cosmos DB

Obtain a globally distributed database with low-latency access.

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Azure Container Apps

Deploy apps from code or containers using simple infrastructure.

Azure Red Hat OpenShift

Deploy containerized applications using the open shift cluster at scale.

Azure Spring Apps

Deploy and run Spring Boot applications in Azure.

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Machine Learning

Obtain tools for building, training, optimizing, and deploying AI models.

Cognitive Services

Integrate into your application for vision, language translation, and sentiment analysis.

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Azure OpenAI Service

Gain access to OpenAI language models for several tasks including code and content generation.

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Leverage Azure services to
become an industry leader in
AI application development

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