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Customer Name: ABSA Bank Ghana Ltd (ABSA Group)

Location: Ghana

Industry: Banking

Business Problem: Inflexible and costly on-premise systems could have improved growth and responsiveness.

Commercial Impact: Anywhere365's cloud-based system cut ABSA's costs and scaled communication, boosting efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Social Impact: ABSA's cloud adoption enhanced operational sustainability and promoted workplace inclusivity.

Deal Size: $500,000

Partner: Reliance Infosystems


Absa Group Limited's recognition for its innovative contact Center solutions underscores the importance of technological advancement in the financial services sector. Absa has significantly enhanced call quality and efficiency by harnessing Microsoft's cloud services and integrating them with Cloud Contact Center (Anywhere365) and Azure virtual machines. This strategic implementation reflects a broader industry trend towards digital transformation, where financial institutions are increasingly adopting cloud-based solutions to improve customer service and operational efficiency. Absa's success is a benchmark for others in the industry, demonstrating the tangible benefits of investing in technology to foster customer satisfaction and a competitive edge in the market.

The success of Absa's project highlights the critical importance of strategic partnerships in achieving business objectives. Absa could execute a complex project with precision and excellence by collaborating with a partner with a wealth of specialised experience and expertise. This synergy enhanced their operational capabilities and significantly boosted customer service and satisfaction. Such collaborations testify to the power of combining diverse skill sets to overcome challenges and drive innovation in service delivery.

Absa's strategic investment in Microsoft's cloud services and the modernisation of its contact centre capabilities exemplify a forward-thinking approach in the financial industry. This initiative underscores the significance of innovation and adaptability in today's fast-paced business environment, where staying technologically advanced can lead to substantial benefits. Absa's success story inspires other companies to embrace technological advancements and invest in the future. The positive outcomes of such investments are clear: they will lead to improved service delivery, increased customer satisfaction, and, ultimately, a more decisive competitive edge in the market.

Understanding the Problem

ABSA Group's issues were centred around its outdated communication and contact centre systems, which were inflexible, expensive to maintain, and not mobile-friendly. These on-premise systems hindered its ability to adapt to changing business needs, expand efficiently, and provide seamless customer experiences. It was susceptible to service disruptions and did not effectively support remote work. Below are some critical challenges addressed by implementing Teams Phone Systems alongside Anywhere365 Unified Contact Center solution

Manual Identification and Verification of Customers

In the old contact centre system, identification and verification were done manually, which impacted customer satisfaction and operations. The shift from manual identification and verification to automated processes has streamlined operations and enhanced customer satisfaction. Now, agents can instantly access a customer's history, allowing for a more personalised and efficient service experience. This technological advancement underscores the importance of innovation in customer service

High Maintenance Costs

Maintaining and upgrading existing on-premises PBX and contact centre systems can be costly and time-consuming. Organisations incur hardware procurement, software licensing, maintenance, and IT support expenses. Teams Enterprise Voice and Anywhere365 Contact Center eliminates the need for upfront capital investments and ongoing maintenance costs associated with on-premise systems, offering a subscription-based pricing model that includes all upgrades, updates, and support services.

Limited Flexibility and Mobility

The existing PBX systems lack the flexibility and mobility required for modern banking operations. Employees were restricted to using desk phones or accessing limited features remotely. Teams Enterprise Voice and Anywhere365 Contact Center provide flexible and mobile-friendly solutions that enable employees to work from anywhere, using any device, and access advanced communication and collaboration tools, such as mobile apps, softphones, and web-based interfaces.

Single Point of Failure

The PBX and contact centre systems are susceptible to single points of failure, such as hardware malfunctions, power outages, or network disruptions. These failures can result in downtime, service interruptions, and loss of productivity. Teams Enterprise Voice and Anywhere365 Contact Center offer redundant, geographically distributed infrastructure with built-in failover mechanisms, ensuring high availability and uninterrupted service for banks and their customers.

Align with best practices and Industry standards and meet regulatory laws

To align with best practices and industry standards while meeting regulatory laws, The old, outdated contact centre systems could not meet these laws. In Ghana, financial institutions must adhere to the regulatory framework set by the Bank of Ghana around recording, efficient customer service, etc. Upgrading to a modern system that is flexible and scalable will ensure compliance with these regulations and position the contact centre to meet future demands. Also, the current trends indicate a shift towards omnichannel customer support, cloud computing, and the implementation of AI to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency.

Limited Scalability

The existing traditional PBX and contact centre systems have limited scalability, making it challenging for ABSA Bank to adapt to changing business needs and accommodate growth.

Social Impact

ABSA Bank implemented a VoIP solution, Anywhere365 Contact Centre, to address these issues, integrated with Microsoft Teams. Anywhere365 is a cloud-based platform that offers scalable solutions to handle fluctuating call volumes and customer interactions without requiring additional hardware or infrastructure investments. This solution eliminated the need for upfront capital expenditures and ongoing maintenance costs associated with on-premises systems. The subscription-based pricing model includes all upgrades, updates, and support services.

The Anywhere365 Contact Centre platform is flexible and mobile-friendly, allowing employees to work from any location using any device. Advanced communication and collaboration tools, including mobile apps, softphones, and web-based interfaces, enhance productivity and efficiency. The platform also features redundant, geographically distributed infrastructure with built-in failover mechanisms, ensuring high availability and uninterrupted service for ABSA Bank and its customers.

The project was executed in two phases: the Teams Enterprise Voice, which enables Teams users to make inbound and outbound calls to PSTN lines, and the Anywhere365 unified Contact Center.

Integrating a third-party Unified Contact Centre (UCC) platform with a Teams phone system, as in the case of ABSA bank, involves several critical steps to ensure seamless operation and security. Using an E1 to SIP converter is essential for maintaining existing PSTN lines while enabling compatibility with the Session Border Controller (SBC) for direct routing within Teams. Security is paramount, especially for financial institutions like ABSA bank, which necessitates the establishment of an IPsec VPN to safeguard voice traffic between the on-premises environment and the SBC hosted in the Azure cloud. Deploying robust firewalls, such as FortiGate on-premises and Sophos in Azure, provides an additional layer of protection. The Audiocodes SBC, positioned behind the Sophos firewall, plays a crucial role in managing voice traffic, leveraging defined routing rules to facilitate communication between the Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP), Teams, and the Anywhere365 Dialogue Cloud. This intricate setup exemplifies the careful planning and execution required to integrate advanced telecommunication systems with existing infrastructure while prioritising security and functionality without impeding productivity.

Unique Value Proposition

Reliance Infosystems continues to focus on helping our customers digitally transform their operations, creating a reliable partnership that drives the achievement of collective objectives. We have continued introducing other cloud services to the customer and have steadily grown Teams and Azure consumption at 30% per quarter.

At Reliance Infosystems, we pride ourselves on building robust customer partnerships. By closely collaborating, we consistently uncover new opportunities and integrate value-adding services that align with our customers' objectives. Our approach profoundly involves understanding and internalising our clients' missions, ensuring their goals become ours. This shared vision and mutual success philosophy distinguishes us in the industry, fostering a unique and enduring bond with those we serve.

Reliance Infosystems has demonstrated its ability to deliver substantial value to its customers by reducing operational costs, enhancing efficiency, and increasing productivity. Such recognition is a marker of past accomplishments and a catalyst for future endeavours in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and business.

Engagement with Microsoft

As a digitally driven bank, ABSA Bank’s operations rely on technology to deliver its purpose to customers: bringing possibilities to life through creative ways to provide technologies. ABSA Bank Ghana required a technology partner that understood and supported its purpose. With the support of the team at Microsoft, Reliance Infosystems / Cloudware Limited's value mandate and competency in Modern Work Solutions Partner designation were validated in this account.

Through co-engagement and POC/POV/POT, we addressed the ABSA team's operational concerns regarding their contact centre. Also, showcasing our advanced specialisation in Adoption and change management, Teams Calling, Teamwork, and Meeting and Meeting Rooms for Microsoft Teams was crucial in affirming the customer's decision to partner with a team equipped with the right skills to successfully deliver on the project's objectives.

The Microsoft team, Oluwaremilekun Olowu (, provided much-needed support in our conversations with the customer. Integrating Anywhere365 with ABSA Bank's Microsoft Teams Phone System significantly advances customer service operations. This collaboration has enabled the bank to streamline communications and enhance customer interactions by leveraging the robust features of Anywhere365/Microsoft Teams. As a result, ABSA Bank is now better equipped to fulfil its commitment to providing exceptional service to its customers, ensuring their needs are met promptly and efficiently.

Business & Digital Transformation

ABSA Bank's journey towards innovation and growth inspires many in the banking industry. The bank faced significant challenges with its conventional communication and contact centre systems, hindering its ability to adapt to changing business needs and growth. However, with a determined spirit and a passion for innovation, the bank successfully overcame these obstacles and transformed its operations.

The bank's decision to move away from on-site traditional communication and contact centre systems proved a game-changer. By embracing mobility and flexibility, ABSA Bank's employees were no longer tethered to their desk phones. Instead, they gained remote access to previously unavailable features, increasing productivity and a seamless customer experience.

ABSA Bank's transition to cloud-based contact centre systems exemplifies the strategic advantage of embracing digital transformation in the banking sector. By leveraging the cloud's scalability and flexibility, ABSA Bank streamlined its operations and enhanced its responsiveness to customer demands. This initiative-taking approach to adopting innovative technology has not only positioned ABSA Bank as a leader in innovation but also underscored the critical role of agility in maintaining a competitive edge in today's dynamic market landscape.


At Absa Ghana, our collaboration with Reliance Infosystems, supported by Microsoft, has been instrumental in the revolutionary upgrade of our contact center capabilities. The implementation of the Anywhere 365 Contact Centre on Azure marked a significant milestone in our digital transformation journey. This move has significantly enhanced our operational agility, scalability, and customer engagement, setting a new standard in the financial services industry for innovation and customer service excellence.

The expertise and insights provided by Microsoft, coupled with Reliance Infosystems's implementation prowess, were key to the seamless integration and maximization of Microsoft cloud technology's benefits. This partnership not only addressed our immediate need for a more flexible, scalable, and cost-effective contact center solution but also aligned perfectly with our vision for future growth and technological advancement.
Thanks to Reliance Infosystems and Microsoft, Absa Ghana has successfully transitioned to a modern cloud-based contact center, reducing maintenance costs, enhancing remote work capabilities for our team, and ensuring uninterrupted, high-quality service for our customers. This project underscores our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to stay ahead of market demands and continuously improve our customer service.