Drive Innovation with Azure Cloud Migration Framework

Seamlessly Migrate Your Workloads and Unlock New Possibilities

About Azure Cloud Migration

In the fast-paced business world of today, moving to the cloud presents opportunities for growth, innovation, flexibility, cost savings and security. Nevertheless, the journey can be intimidating, and errors can come at a high price.

At Reliance Infosystems, we are committed to empowering organizations of all sizes to achieve their business goals in the cloud. Leveraging the Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration Framework, we provide strategic guidance to accelerate your journey towards cloud adoption. Our proven, personalized, and collaborative approach ensures that future-thinking businesses can seamlessly migrate and modernize their databases and applications, leverage AI and machine learning, develop business intelligence solutions, and maximize data visualizations.

Our Service Offerings

Database Migration

Seamlessly migrate SQL databases and other data solutions to Azure for enhanced efficiency. .

Migration Planning and Assessment

We provide comprehensive analysis and planning to ensure a successful migration journey for your business.

Application Migration

Optimize application performance on Azure through rehosting, refactoring, or rearchitecting strategies.

Database Modernization

Upgrade and optimize your databases to ensure a strong and scalable foundation for handling evolving data needs.


Receive ongoing support and optimization services to maximize the benefits of Azure for your organization.

Our Migration Approach

We adopt a consultative and business-specific model for solving problems— understanding your unique challenges and goals before developing tailored solutions to meet your needs. Leveraging Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure, we guide your digital transformation journey effectively, addressing the business, people, governance, and technology aspects.

Define Strategy

Recommend a tailored strategy based on your needs and prior assessments.


Assess application dependencies and resolve pending issues using Azure App Service Migration Assistant.


Begin the migration process, ensuring readiness and setting up a landing zone for workloads.


Migrate applications iteratively, using Azure App Service for hosting.


Configure Azure Monitor to track workload performance and gain real-time insights. .


Establish and maintain governance policies to ensure compliance and maximize resource efficiency.

Empower Your Organization with the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework

Reliance Infosytems is leveraging the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework to lead organizations to confidently embrace innovation by providing a structured approach to cloud adoption, mitigating risks, and maximizing value. By following this framework, businesses can successfully navigate their digital transformation journey and unlock the full potential of Microsoft Azure.

Partner with Reliance Infosystems today and embark on a journey towards cloud excellence.

Real world case study of organization that Drive
Innovation with Azure Cloud Migration Framework

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