CAAB's Drive for Swift Policy Communication

Industry : Aviation

Customer Name: Customer Name: Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana (CAAB)

Business Problem: Traditional manual paper processes for Memorandum Management, coupled with on-premises data storage, lead to delays in regulatory actions, high operational costs, and an increased carbon footprint from excessive printing.

Solution: Microsoft Power Platform

Partner: Reliance Infosystems


Reliance Infosystems partnered with the Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana (CAAB) to address traditional manual paper processes, reducing delays, operational costs, and environmental impact. Leveraging Microsoft’s Power Platform, the initiative streamlined operations, achieving more than 75% improvement in memorandum turnaround time and reducing paper involvement by 95%. Through meticulous problem-solving and tailored solution implementation, CAAB transitioned from manual processes to streamlined automation. The partnership exemplifies a commitment to environmental sustainability and efficient processes.

Understanding The Problem

Improving the circulation of critical information and notices within the Civil Aviation Authority (CAAB) has emerged as a significant challenge. Despite its apparent simplicity, this issue is of paramount importance for an organization tasked with making decisions that directly impact the safety of approximately 3 million Batswana who rely on air travel. The CAAB holds the responsibility for regulating and advancing air transport, furnishing air navigation services, overseeing airports, and advising the government on all civil aviation matters.

The overarching objective is to regulate and foster a safe, secure, and sustainable aviation sector in alignment with global standards and practices. Decisions are made continuously, necessitating approval from pertinent stakeholders before dissemination to ensure compliance. Any delay in distributing memos could pose serious risks to operators and stakeholders, potentially compromising the safety of air travelers. This concern is exacerbated by the CAAB’s pursuit of enhanced profitability, which prompted the establishment of the Business Development Unit dedicated to generating revenue across all CAAB-managed airports. Consequently, regular communication of regulatory updates and information has become imperative.

The antiquated method of disseminating information using physical paper documents not only incurs delays due to the need for multiple downloads and printing for approval signatures but also contributes to excessive paper usage. This not only escalates costs but also contradicts eco-friendly practices.

Solution Deployed

To tackle this challenge head-on, we embraced a systematic approach aimed at dissecting the issue and charting a clear path towards an automated, efficient operation. Our journey commenced with a dedicated focus on listening and consulting, where we attentively absorbed the customer’s pain points and collaborated to craft the optimal solution. Transitioning into the inspire and design phase, we showcased the capabilities of Power Automate in automating approvals, dispatching notifications and reminders, and even tracking the progress of approval processes. Additionally, we underscored the robustness of SharePoint as a platform for memo management, encompassing storage, retrieval, and audit functionalities. This conviction was further reinforced by a compelling proof of value, assuring the CAAB team of the feasibility of our proposed solution.

Solution Deployed contd

Advancing to the realization of value, our priority was to cement the trust gained from the CAAB team and ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Seamless alignment and implementation with our partners were paramount, ensuring a harmonized execution of the project. By introducing multiple approval levels, CAAB gained the added benefit of adjusting the number of stakeholders involved in each memo, offering unparalleled flexibility.

Recognizing the pivotal role of user acceptance in the success of the new systems, we conducted thorough training sessions for CAAB staff. This facilitated a smooth transition to the automated processes while fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

Through meticulous problem decomposition and tailored solution implementation, we successfully propelled CAAB from a world of manual, sluggish, paper-reliant processes to a new experience of streamlined automation. The outcomes were resounding: memo creation and circulation are now a few clicks away; approvals are effortlessly obtained, with actions executable via mobile devices from any location; vital and urgent information, regulations, and policies are communicated swiftly. Moreover, CAAB can proudly align itself with green initiatives through the reduction of paper usage, concurrently realizing substantial cost savings.

Reliance Market Differentiation

Reliance (and Cloudware) stands out for its dedication to assisting customers in digital transformation, forming robust partnerships that drive mutual success. Collaborating closely with clients, we identify opportunities and introduce value-adding services, aligning our goals with theirs. This customer-centric approach sets us apart as we make their mission our own, focusing on understanding their pain points and delivering tailored solutions. Rather than just selling solutions, we prioritize fit and utilize a data-driven approach for effective problem-solving.

Our commitment to digital transformation and exceptional customer experience has earned us prestigious awards. In 2021, we were honored as the Digital Transformation Company of the Year by the Beacon of Information & Communications Technology. Additionally, in 2023, we received the Business Transformation Company of the Year award at the 14th Africa’s Beacon of ICT Merit and Leadership Awards. Furthermore, our continuous recognition as Microsoft Partner of the Year in various countries for six consecutive years highlights our industry leadership and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. These accolades underscore our remarkable achievements in digitally transforming businesses, driving cost savings, efficiency improvements, and productivity enhancements for our customers.

Engagement with Microsoft

The Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana (CAAB) shoulders the pivotal responsibility of overseeing the regulation and advancement of air transport, while also managing airports and offering vital guidance to the government on civil aviation matters. Aligned with its mission to effectively and efficiently regulate and promote a safe, secure, and sustainable aviation industry in accordance with international standards and norms, CAAB embarked on a quest for a technology partner that shared and upheld its mission.

In this pursuit, Reliance Infosystems emerged as the natural choice, leveraging our prowess in requirement gathering and problem decomposition. Our partnership with CAAB was steered by our adept team, illuminating the value proposition and demonstrating our proficiency in implementing desired workloads, buoyed by steadfast support from Microsoft throughout the sales cycle. Notably, our specialization in Low Code solutions garnered attention, with Microsoft’s Oluwaremilekun Olowu offering invaluable guidance during customer interactions.

Today, CAAB revels in a seamlessly integrated memorandum process that has effectively eradicated the risks associated with delayed information circulation in a landscape reliant on swift and agile systems. Moreover, the adoption of our solutions has contributed to a noteworthy reduction in carbon footprint through the elimination of paper usage, concurrently enhancing operational efficiency via business process automation. This milestone marks a significant achievement in our collaborative journey, underscoring the tangible impact of our partnership with CAAB.

Unpack The Complexities

The memorandum process holds immense significance within CAAB, drawing keen interest from C-suite executives who underscore the importance of access control, permissions, and various other facets. Recognizing the critical nature of these concerns, we meticulously addressed them by implementing role-based access within the Power Platform solution. This approach ensured that individuals were granted access only to the essential functionalities requisite for their specific roles in the memorandum process. By doing so, we fortified the integrity of the process and instilled confidence within the CAAB team, alleviating any apprehensions associated with transitioning the memorandum process to the cloud.

Our approach was rooted in a profound understanding of CAAB’s challenges, culminating in the proposition of the Power Platform as a comprehensive solution. Through close collaboration with process owners and the application of design thinking principles, we meticulously crafted a solution designed to facilitate seamless user adoption. Our paramount objective was to maintain familiarity for users while infusing innovation to optimize the system as a whole.

Leveraging the capabilities of Power Automate, we introduced multiple approval pathways, both integrated within the application and accessible via email. This ensured a frictionless process for users to take action promptly and efficiently, irrespective of their location. By seamlessly integrating these functionalities, we streamlined the memorandum process, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness while upholding stringent access controls and permissions.

Business Application Project Footprints

As of FY 2024, our Business Application services have been deployed across various organizations, including but not limited to NNPC, Ethio Telecom, Cornerstone, Fin Insurance, JNCi, UPDC, and Civil Aviation Authorities of Botswana (CAAB). Additionally, we are in the process of developing a loan application for FCMB, a leading Nigerian bank. In collaboration with Microsoft, we are focusing on assisting numerous financial service industries in enhancing customer-related processes that traditionally rely on paper forms. These efforts include ongoing engagement and workshops with Microsoft to scale the solutions for the financial services industry.

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