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How Anchor Dataware Migrated to the Cloud for Unmatched Achieved Operational Efficiency

Customer Name: Anchor Dataware 

Industry: Consulting Firm 

Location/Country: Abuja, Nigeria 

Solution: Digital Workspace

Partner: Reliance Infosystems

Anchor Dataware is a thriving IT consulting firm in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria that provides Enterprise Resource Planning systems for small, medium, and large businesses to optimize their operational processes. The organization is skilled in software development for custom needs, network security, and training and education for their clients to maximize their solutions. Despite all this, Anchor Dataware suffered from some challenges that caused them to seek help.

The Business Gap?

As a successful business looking to expand their reach, Anchor Dataware observed that their existing IT infrastructure was unable to support the imminent growth of the company. With storage being primarily on-premises, a futuristic approach was to migrate the database to the cloud. The hardware were older models that were more unreliable than stable, causing the staff to lose productive time.

Additionally, there loomed the risk of security breaches since older hardware equaled increased security vulnerabilities. Anchor Dataware needed a platform that enabled them to comfortably scale their operations to accommodate their expansion.

A Paradigm Shift

Despite being a leader in their niche in the technology industry, Anchor Dataware required the expertise of an industry leader to accurately spearhead their digital transformation expansion. Reliance Infosystems proved up to the task. After interacting with both parties, database migration seemed the best course to follow.

The Leap of Transformation

  • Newer, more reliable hardware: The team procured newer hardware that eliminated the challenges with aging hardware. There were no unforeseen outages or performance problems, making the Anchor Dataware team experience improved reliability of their infrastructure and enhanced productivity from the staff.

  • Resolved scalability: the challenges were immediately resolved with cloud migration. Anchor Dataware could effortlessly expand users and applications without making major hardware changes. They could also adjust their infrastructure to match their requirements per time.

  • Data Loss Prevention: stored in the cloud, their database is protected from the events that could lead to data loss on on-premises infrastructure. The team can also retrieve data via the efficient filing system in the cloud.

  • Fortified security: with newer hardware and cloud migration, Anchor immediately enjoyed extra protection from security threats. The Reliance team also implemented security measures to obstruct cyberattacks, protecting the infrastructure for smooth business.

Emerging Possibilities

Anchor Dataware achieved a significant breakthrough in its growth journey through the implementation of cloud transformation. This strategic move has ushered in many advantages for the organization, ranging from enhanced scalability and reliability to the distinct cost-efficiency offered by the cloud. Today, the consulting firm stands as a pioneering force, catering to a diverse clientele by providing innovative digital tools that empower them to scale and attain their objectives. This transformative step has opened new horizons for Anchor Dataware, marking a pivotal milestone in its evolution

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