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How MRI Botswana Revolutionized Patient Care in Botswana

Customer Name: MRI Botswana

Industry: Health Service

Location/Country: Botswana

Solution: Microsoft Azure

Partner: Reliance Infosystems

Initiating a medical rescue business that grew to include multiple outpatient services such as radiology, MRI Botswana is currently an industry leader in the provision of healthcare services and other healthcare solutions. As a prominent healthcare organization, MRI Botswana is responsible for the lives and safety of thousands of individuals within and without Botswana. Their services include medical rescue and operational health clinics, and they provide tailored products for nursing mothers. There is also an assortment of mobility products.

With a huge reliance on technology for smooth operations, MRI Botswana realized that some improvement in their technological capabilities was welcome to achieve better results.

The Stumbling Block

MRI Botswana expectedly had multiple departments within the organization. The primary challenge was a clear discrepancy in integration. The departments all utilized different systems and had independent databases. The lack of integration across departments caused challenges with sync. Unfortunately, patients also suffered from this situation as their data had to be re-entered at every point. Incidents such as these reduce patients’ perception of satisfaction and also increase repetitive tasks for staff.

Turning the Tide

MRI Botswana required the expertise of an industry leader to support the obvious need for integration. Upon consultation with Reliance Infosystems, the team of experts decided on a suitable Microsoft-based solution. After deliberations, Power BI was found to make the best match for the demands of MRI Botswana.

The Leap of Transformation

MRI Botswana demanded an extensive IT upgrade of which Power BI was an integral part. Power BI is a comprehensive tool that enables organizations to collect, analyze, and visualize their data. Its abilities provide insights into business performance, identifying areas for growth or improvement. With the inclusion of Power BI in their IT infrastructure, MRI Botswana was able to elevate their decision-making capabilities and achieve an integrated organization. Some of the leaps made were:

  • Comprehensive data analysis: Power BI was able to help the healthcare industry leader to analyze their data across multiple sources and types 10x faster than before. It eliminated the arduous manual data collection and analysis, saving time and enhancing accuracy.

  • Extensive reporting: the analyzed data can be displayed in engaging and visually appealing formats that can be presented in reports across document types. Power BI reduced the dependency on static and outdated reports. The interactive reports from Power BI are always up to date.

  • Extraction of actionable insights: beyond data analysis, the staff could observe trends and patterns that can be leveraged to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. Where previously, management made decisions based on instincts, decisions are now made based on data and evidence 80% of the time.

  • Quantifiable research: Power BI helped the organization to record leaps in internal research such as clinic trials, drug testing, and alternative procedures, to provide better tailored care and attention to patients. It simplified the research process and generated accurate results.

Emerging Possibilities

The new IT infrastructure, inclusive of Power BI, revolutionized patient care in Botswana, making MRI Botswana the preferred option. Trained to use this technology, staff and management can make strategic decisions that greatly advance patient care in all centers in Botswana. The organization now enjoys increased efficiency, higher patient satisfaction, and increased security of patient information. Reliance Infosystems was instrumental to unlocking new possibilities in healthcare in Botswana.

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