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NMDPRA Wins as Microsoft Azure Transforms Organizational Processes for Resource Optimization

Customer Name: NMDPRA

Industry: Petroleum Industry

Location/Country: Lagos, Nigeria 

Solution: Microsoft Azure

Partner: Reliance Infosystems

The Nigerian Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority (NMDPRA), also known informally as “The Authority” is a combination of three defunct regulatory bodies. The Authority supports the Nigerian petroleum industry with legal, governance, regulatory, and fiscal framework to encourage investment and petroleum output for the nation’s economic growth. To effectively run a parastatal of such impact and size, it was important that solutions that promoted the organization were deployed.

The Experienced Challenges

With the responsibility of supporting the Nigerian petroleum industry, The Authority grappled with an outdated and inefficient IT infrastructure. It prevented them from collecting and analyzing data to support their regulatory functions. Each department required functioning technology to enable them to deliver optimal results. There also existed the challenge of lurking cyberattacks. The suboptimal IT infrastructure made The Authority a sitting duck for cybercrimes. There had to be a system to prevent a disruption and the likely loss of sensitive data.

Turning the Tide

To compound the existing challenges, there was the urgent need to comply with the new Petroleum Industry Act (PIA) and operate with reduced IT costs while working within the limited budget provided to The Authority. Conscious of these limitations, the Authority needed an organization that could provide the most suitable solution within the available time and at a reasonable cost. After consultation with the experts of Reliance Infosystems, Microsoft Azure, a leading cloud computing platform, was chosen.

Welcoming Transformation

Microsoft Azure can be viewed as a panacea for digital transformation troubles. Its services include data storage, analytics, computing, and networking. Its capabilities have been proven to improve efficiency and productivity in several organizations. For The Authority, Microsoft Azure helped in these ways:

  • Scalability and flexibility: the ever-evolving needs of The Authority were matched by Azure’s seamless scalability. The Authority could expand and descale its infrastructure as required, preventing a workload crash. During downtimes, it could save on IT costs.

  • Advanced Security: Microsoft Azure comes with a robust security configuration sufficient to meet the needs of The Authority. Features like encryption, firewalls, conditional access, and more were able to protect the sensitive information of the parastatal from being accessible by individuals with malicious intent.

  • Affordability: with a large organization, IT infrastructure can be costly, but Azure makes it easier for The Authority to provide its services without worrying about the budget. It uses a pay-per-consumption model; hence the cost matches the workload per time.

  • Compliance and analytics: the compliance features of Azure helped The Authority to achieve the requirements of the Petroleum Industry Act. Its analytical abilities also helped to store, collect, and analyze data. The analytics provided insightful information for regulatory activities.

A New Horizon

Armed with Microsoft Azure, the Authority can now execute its duties seamlessly. Azure’s security enables NMDPRA to secure the interests of its customers and investors. Its data collection and processing compartments enable the Authority to keep accurate track of revenue. The parastatal can now promote efficiency in its departments, regulate activities of the sector and ensure the overall health of the petroleum industry. This collaboration with Reliance Infosystems shows again how efficiency and effectiveness is achieved with technology.

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