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From Haphazard to Organized: How Nosak Group Embraced Power BI for Data Integration and Improved Productivity

Customer Name: NOSAK Group

Industry: Multi-sector

Location/Country: Lagos, Nigeria 

Solution: Microsoft Power BI

Partner: Reliance Infosystems

Nosak Group is a Nigerian organization with industry-leading diversified interests. They provide vital solutions to the retail, agriculture, finance, logistics, real estate industries and more. Nosak Group has embarked on the digital transformation journey to accelerate their productivity.

The Business Challenges

Nosak Group, as an organization with varied interests, generates tons of data. Managing multiple businesses can frequently result in complexities if solid structures that promote efficiency are missing. Nosak Group observed that they faced challenges with obtaining insights from their data. There were multiple data sources which led to repetitive work. The company also lacked a centralized database, making it difficult to obtain information pertaining to any subsidiary or the Group when required. There was also the obvious lack of business intelligence reporting tools that acted as a stumbling block in the event of an urgent visualization.

A Paradigm Shift

It became apparent that an overhaul of the existing data methodologies was required. Nosak Group sought to find the right partner to spearhead their digital transformation quest. Their search revealed Reliance Infosystems as the team for the job. Our interaction with Nosak Group revealed Microsoft Power BI as the ideal solution.

The Digital Reinvention

Power BI distinguished itself as the Knight to lead Nosak Group into its much-desired next tier of internal organizational excellence. As a cloud hosted solution, it was based on some specific abilities:

  • Connection to multiple data sources: it no longer mattered which department in which subsidiary required certain information. Power BI received all data in their various formats and could process them effortlessly.

  • Centralized data: finally, datasets could be created from the multiple data sources accepted by Power BI, enabling the team to leverage this flexibility in report and visualization.

  • Unlock actionable insights: Nosak Group could explore Power BI to transform raw data into insights. With its variety of presentation modes, leaders could identify avenues for business growth.

  • Easy interface: the impact of Power BI could be felt across teams without complex technical knowledge as they could navigate Power BI themselves to obtain value.

The Way Ahead

With a single solution like Power BI, many organizations can experience the surge of productivity, the reduced inefficiencies, the beauty of integration and the power of data-powered decision making that Nosak Group now revels in. Reliance Infosystems has partnered with Microsoft to propagate the power of digital transformation and support organizations seeking to embrace its endless benefits. The success of Nosak Group’s transformation emboldens Reliance Infosystems in our dedication to reinvent the world, one business at a time.

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