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Reliance Digital Workspace Ignites Seamless Efficiency, Collaboration, and Automation for OVH Energy


rise in knowledge-sharing culture


improvement in adapting to changing business needs 


boost in daily productivity metrics


reduction in custom solution development cost 


increase in customer service delivery

Customer Name: OVH Energy

Industry: Energy Services  

Location/Country: Lagos, Nigeria 

Solution: Digital Workspace

Partner: Reliance Infosystems

At the forefront of West Africa’s energy sector, OVH Energy takes pride in its role as a provider of extensive energy solutions, serving both individual customers and businesses. The organisation is committed to revolutionizing the energy value chain in the region, ultimately aiming to elevate standards of efficiency and drive sustainability.

With a legacy of excellence, OVH Energy consistently demonstrates their dedication to innovation and customer-centric solutions. Their vision encompasses not only meeting the energy demands of today but also paving the way for a brighter, more efficient energy landscape in West Africa. 

Identifying the Blockers

OVH Energy faced a series of pressing challenges that necessitated a transformation in their operations. Central to these challenges was the issue of complex and disconnected business processes, which had cast a shadow over their operations, leading to inefficiencies and impeding their ability to manage their diverse array of energy services effectively.

Furthermore, OVH Energy was grappling with a significant inflexibility that hampered their responsiveness to changing market dynamics and evolving customer needs. This lack of agility created a hurdle in their quest to stay ahead of the curve in a fast-paced industry.

Additionally, the organization faced an operational roadblock in the form of inefficient collaboration and communication. Their existing tools and processes were hindering effective knowledge sharing and teamwork within the company. It was evident that these challenges needed a comprehensive solution.

A Paradigm Shift

These collective challenges paved the way for OVH Energy to embark on a transformative journey by embracing Digital Workspace. Their goal was clear: to streamline their complex processes, enhance flexibility, and cultivate improved collaboration and communication, ultimately revitalizing the energy value chain across West Africa.

The cornerstone of this significant shift is the Reliance Digital Workspace, a robust digital platform that empowered OVH Energy to swiftly address her urgent business needs.

Embracing Reliance Digital Workspace

The adoption of Reliance Digital Workspace represented a pivotal turning point for OVH Energy, effectively addressing their previously encountered challenges and significantly enhancing their operational framework. 

Streamlined Complex Processes for Efficiency

One of the most striking benefits experienced by OVH Energy after embracing Reliance Digital Workspace was the remarkable streamlining of complex business processes. Disjointed operations that had previously hindered their efficiency and impeded the management of energy solutions were effectively streamlined. As a result, OVH Energy witnessed a notable 30% reduction in operational inefficiencies. This newfound efficiency did more than just boost their bottom line; it also expedited the delivery of energy solutions to customers. Complex tasks, previously time-consuming, were now executed with greater speed and agility. 

Enhanced Flexibility for Adaptation 

The adoption of Reliance Digital Workspace introduced a level of adaptability that OVH Energy had long sought. Her previous lack of flexibility was a significant obstacle to responding to market dynamics and evolving customer needs. With the new solution in place, the organization reported an impressive 40% improvement in their response time to customer requirements. This heightened adaptability meant that OVH Energy could stay nimble in the face of ever-evolving market dynamics, allowing them to promptly meet the diverse needs of their customer base. 

Improved Collaboration and Communication 

Inefficient collaboration and communication tools and processes had once stood as operational roadblocks for OVH Energy. Embracing Reliance Digital Workspace effectively transformed these challenges into strengths. The organization saw a 25% increase in knowledge sharing efficiency, and cross-team collaboration improved by a remarkable 35%. These enhancements not only streamlined internal operations but also fortified the foundation for delivering superior energy solutions to customers. The collaborative environment allowed for better idea sharing, quicker issue resolution, and a stronger collective knowledge base. 

“Since adoption of Digital workplace, business process automation has been seamless and efficient. Enhanced collaboration amongst staff improved and easy access to information and business processes.”

— Habeeb Kolawole, Senior Officer Service Desk


Enhanced Employee Engagement 

The positive changes brought about by Reliance Digital Workspace were not limited to operational aspects alone. Employee engagement and satisfaction levels experienced a noteworthy boost. The newfound efficiency, streamlined processes, and improved collaboration created a more engaging and satisfying work environment. Employees felt more empowered and equipped to accomplish their tasks effectively, which had a direct impact on their job satisfaction and overall morale. 

The Triumph of Transformation

Reliance Digital Workspace was a game-changer for OVH Energy, reshaping their operations and propelling them toward a more efficient, collaborative, and agile mode of operation. These benefits were not just confined to the internal workings of the organization but also aligned seamlessly with OVH Energy’s commitment to transforming the West African energy value chain and delivering superior energy solutions.  

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