Better govern, protect, and manage your data estate. 

Enable unified data governance with Microsoft Purview. 

Solution Explanation

Microsoft Purview provides a unified data governance solution to help manage and govern your on-premises, multicloud, and software as a service (SaaS) data. It unifies all of your organization’s data assets, data sharing, and data insight. 

Key Features of Microsoft Purview

Unified Data Mapping

Microsoft Purview unifies all of your organization’s data asset and their relationships.
With this feature, it can easily integrate your data catalogue, put a label on sensitive data, classify your data using custom classifiers and in-built classifiers, and manage your metadata from hybrid sources. 


Provides clear visibility into the management of sensitive data across your entire data estate. 


It has a glossary with business and technical search terms to aid data discovery. 

Data Sharing

It allows in-place data sharing in near real-time and easy provisioning of data access

Benefits of Microsoft Purview

Guaranteed Privacy and Compliance

With Microsoft Purview, businesses understand where their data is, and find it easy to meet the laid down standards governing data management and compliance

Efficient Operation

Microsoft Purview helps organizations manage and access the data they need to make important decisions and improve their business operation. 

Pay For Only What You Want

Microsoft Purview helps reduce the need for manual and custom data discovery and classification, and it eliminates costs for maintaining personal systems and Excel-based solutions. 

Data Democratization

With Microsoft Purview, the right data is accessible to the people who can use it to drive value to the company. 

Easily understand and govern data across your entire data estate