Tracking, recognizing and rewarding employees’ efforts seamlessly!


Designed to incentivize and track employee participation! Motivate and inspire employees through rewards for their efforts and success. Through an innovative system of rewards, increase employee engagement and productivity. Measure the success of incentive initiatives and make data-driven decisions to improve your employee retention and incentive strategies.

Benefits of using this Solution

Track Incentives Initiatives
  • Easily track and measure the success of your initiatives, making data-driven decisions to improve.
Boost Employee Engagement
  • Reward your team for their efforts and success which enhance satisfaction and better work engagement.
Reward System
  • Offers a reward system that can motivate employees to achieve better results.

So why wait? Invest in the Incentives App today and start building a workplace culture that fosters engagement, motivation, and success!

License Requirement

This solution requires the following Microsoft’s licenses…

  • Microsoft 365 E3 & E5.