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Simplify and streamline your data movement
across servers and storage systems.

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About Storage
Migration Service

Storage Migration Service facilitates the seamless and efficient migration of server data from one storage location to another. This service simplifies the process of moving files, folders, and even entire applications across different storage systems while minimizing downtime and ensuring data integrity.

Features of Storage Migration Service

Seamless data transfer

The Storage Migration Service facilitates
the seamless transfer of data from source to
target storage, regardless of the source’s
location – on-premises, across
data centers, or even to the cloud.

Automated migration

With its automated migration capabilities, the service significantly reduces the need for manual intervention. It automates tasks such as data copying, permissions, and configuration adjustments, saving time and effort.


The service supports a wide range of source and target storage options, making it versatile for various migration scenarios. 
It ensures compatibility between different storage types, protocols, and platforms.

Centralized management

This service provides a centralized platform 
to manage and orchestrate the migration 
of data, allowing administrators to 
efficiently control the process from a single interface. 

Benefits of Storage Migration Service


By automating and streamlining the
migration process, the Storage
Migration Service helps reduce
downtime during data transitions,
ensuring that critical systems and
applications remain accessible and operational.

Time and cost

Businesses can save substantial 
time and resources that would 
otherwise be spent on manual 
migration efforts by automating 
migration processes. The quicker 
migration also translates to cost  storage.

Flexibility and

The service’s ability to work with 
various storage environments 
enhances flexibility and compatibility, enabling organizations to migrate data across different platforms, versions, and types of storage solutions.

Enhanced data

The automated migration process minimizes the risk of data corruption or loss during transfer. This enhances data integrity and ensures that critical information remains secure throughout the migration.

Simplify, Streamline, and Secure
Your Data Migration Process