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Leveraging Microsoft Azure for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) operations.

Customer Name: Tolaram Group

Industry: FMCG

Business Problem: Mitigating Enterprise with BCDR 

Commercial Impact: Improved infrastructure high availability and DR plan

Partner: Reliance Infosystems ms 


Tolaram as a multinational organization requires high availability for the SAP systems (S4HANA, GRC and Fiori) to avoid a single node of failure. Providing a higher up time percentage across all their platform was a paramount to the organization’s need.

Tolaram Group already host its infrastructure in azure and intends to use a different cloud service for its high availability and disaster recovery operations. Reliance Infosystems was able to prove to Tolaram that using azure multiple zones redundancy will achieve what the organization intends to do in a different public cloud with higher speed and improved security.

Understanding The Problem

As a multinational organization, Tolaram places a high priority on maintaining a high percentage of uptime across all their platforms as well as avoiding a single point of failure; this holds true even more so for its Enterprise Resource Planning Application – SAP systems (S4HANA, GRC, and Fiori), considering the criticality of these resources.

The absence of high percentage of uptime across all their platforms and existence of a single point of failure posed a critical risk to Toleram Group’s business activities, potentially leading to data loss, downtime, compliance issues, loss of customer trust, and financial losses.

How We Get The Job Done

Tolaram already had their ERP resources hosted on Azure, they however sought to achieve fault tolerance by replicating the applications with a different cloud provider.

Equipped with the understanding of Tolaram’s goal, as well as the outcome they wish to achieve, Reliance Infosystems leveraged her vast experience with successfully deliverying on similar engagements in the past to deliver envisioning sessions to Tolaram and successfully prove that using azure multiple zones redundancy will achieve what the organization intends to do in a different public cloud and with higher speed and improved security too.

Having proved to Tolaram group that Azure will not just deliver desired outcomes but higher speed and security, Reliance Infosystems implemented high-availability/disaster recovery solutions for her SAP application and Database on Azure to provide optimal RTO/RPO in almost an instant.

Reliance Market Differentiation

Reliance Infosystems Limited is Microsoft top gold partners that have demonstrated proven specialized expertise in Azure cloud solutions to address customers challenges and deliver value beyond their expectations, that have been showcased through successful past projects and Industry recognition. This track record of comprehensive services and support, reliability, quality and consistency have instilled confidence in our customers.

Additionally, our expertise in not just implementing solutions, but in working with our customers to paint a clear picture of how Microsoft technologies provide solutions that aligns with the immediate problem they are looking to solve as well as with the long term objective of the organization came to bear in winning and successfully delivering the customers desired outcome in this particular instance, as it always does with all our customer engagements.

Engagement With Microsoft

The desired outcome of the project was to ensure that the SAP systems (S4HANA, GRC, and Fiori) were always available and could recover quickly in the event of a disaster complex – any downtime could significantly impact Tolaram’s operations.

We partnered with Microsoft provided Subject Matter Expert (SME) on SAP on Azure who played a pivotal role in the project, by offering insights on industry best practices, this ensured that the solutions implemented were in line with industry standards.

The success of this project underscores the power of collaboration and the importance of leveraging industry expertise. It demonstrates how Reliance Infosystems and Microsoft, by working together, were able to deliver a solution that not only met Tolaram’s needs, but a step further by providing added value (Knowledge sharing/workshops) and ensuring alignment with long-term business objectives.

Unpack The Complexities

The customer strongly believed replicating to a different public cloud was the best way to achieve their objectives. Conversations and demonstration of how this exact goal and more can be achieved while remaining with Azure cloud was a complex, but it was of course it was done and done successfully; the added benefits of higher speed and improved security sealed the deal.

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