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About Microsoft Viva Learning

Microsoft Viva Learning is a centralized learning hub in Microsoft Teams that lets you seamlessly integrate learning and skill-building into your day. Viva Learning, your team can easily discover, share, recommend, and learn from content libraries provided by your organization and other partners.

What to Expect in Microsoft Viva Learning?

Employee Dashboard

Microsoft Viva Learning has an employee dashboard that is customized for the employee. It shows the details of the courses taken, courses pinned in the learning tab, and courses bookmarked for later.

Learning Tabs

Employees can open learning tabs and pin them in their Microsoft teams channel. This makes learning tabs easily accessible.


With Microsoft Viva Learning, employees have access to company-specific content and libraries with a wide range of learning from LinkedIn Learn, Microsoft Learn, and Coursera.

Airtificial Intelligence

Microsoft Viva Learning uses AI to recommend the right courses to employees.

What you get

Microsoft Viva learning simplifies the learning experience of employees. It also enables managers to easily address skills gaps while driving an agile workplace that prioritizes learning and growth.

It helps employees grow in the line of their duties by constantly surfacing educational content based on what their job requires.

Viva Learning helps to ensure that employee training materials and professional development courses are accessible and within the reach of employees in the workspace.

Microsoft Viva Learning helps organizations to maximize their investments in learning by aggregating their existing learning resources and bringing them into the flow of work through Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365.

Empower your teams to make learning a natural part of their days