Customer Stories

Coronation Registrars Unifies Customer Data for Improved Experience

Customer Name: Coronation Registrars Limited

Industry: Finance

Business Problem: Disparate customer data systems and poor customer experience

Commercial Impact:

Social Impact:

Deal Size: $22,271.37

Microsoft Solution: Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Partner: Reliance Infosystems 


Coronation Registrars, a leading entity in securities register and data administration, has consistently pioneered innovative technological solutions such as e-dividends and electronic polling.

However, a fragmented understanding of customer interactions due to the absence of a unified customer view has hampered their ability to provide efficient customer service, leading to delays in response times and decreased customer satisfaction.

To address this challenge, Reliance Infosystems conducted strategic alignment engagements to understand Coronation Registrars' specific requirements and customer engagement process.

This led to the proposal and implementation of Dynamics 365 Customer Service, enabling Coronation Registrars to streamline customer interactions, enhance support across multiple channels, and gain a comprehensive view of their customers' journeys, thereby facilitating informed business decision-making.

Understanding the Problem

Coronation Registrars encountered difficulties in effectively onboarding customers and managing their interactions due to the lack of a unified customer view. This fragmented approach led to a limited understanding of customer interactions, impeding the acquisition of comprehensive insights essential for informed decision-making. Additionally, this gap in their customer management system compromised their response time to customer complaints, consequently undermining their efforts to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service was implemented to address Coronation Registrars' specific challenges. This robust platform provided them with a range of tools designed to streamline customer interactions and improve support across multiple channels.

One of the key features of Dynamics 365 Customer Service was its capability to offer a panoramic view of its customers' journeys. This integrated view brought together customer profiles, interactions, and support histories into a single, cohesive system. Agents were thus empowered with a comprehensive understanding of each customer's history and current interactions, facilitating more informed and efficient customer service.

With the unified system in place, the limitations and inefficiencies of Coronation Registrars' previous fragmented approach were eliminated. Agents could now navigate seamlessly between open cases, ensuring continuity and preventing any loss of progress. This enhancement significantly improved the response time to customer complaints and inquiries, reinforcing the company's commitment to delivering timely and effective customer support.

Reliance Market Differentiation

Reliance Infosystems has consistently prioritized assisting customers in leveraging digital technology to transform their operations. Our commitment to creating reliable partnerships drives the achievement of collective objectives, setting us apart as a trusted digital innovation enabler.

Our strong stance in the marketplace is further solidified by our expertise in helping organizations capitalize on cloud opportunities and Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology offerings. By providing tailored solutions and strategic alignment engagements, we ensure that our clients can effectively address their unique challenges and optimize their business processes.

This commitment has been recognized through accolades such as the Business Transformation Provider of the Year for Nigeria, which we earned in September 2023. Additionally, our prolonged expertise is evident through our multi-country presence and multiple wins of the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award.

Reliance Infosystems' differentiation lies in our dedication to assisting customers in harnessing digital technology to achieve operational excellence and drive success in their respective industries.

Engagement with Microsoft

Securing Coronation Registrar's business was a significant milestone for Reliance Infosystems in establishing itself as a trusted partner for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions within the prestigious financial services sector.

Our strategic collaboration with the Microsoft team, particularly with Oluwaremileku Olowu (, provided much-needed support in our conversations with the customer. Reliance Infosystems organized and conducted envisioning sessions to understand Coronation Registrar's specific requirements and challenges. We actively engaged with stakeholders to ensure the alignment of objectives and showcased the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 through solution demonstrations.

Furthermore, our advanced specialization in Change and Adoption Management, coupled with our expertise in Business Application, played a crucial role in building trust with the finance institution. This demonstrated our competency to deliver intelligent automation solutions tailored to Coronation Registrar's needs, reinforcing our position as a reliable and capable CRM solution provider in the financial services sector.

Unpack The Complexities

Coronation Registrar's absence of a unified customer view significantly impacted their business activities. Without a holistic view of customer interactions, the financial institution struggled to gain a complete understanding of customer touchpoints. Utilizing disparate systems to engage with customers led to fragmented data, making it challenging to comprehend customer needs and preferences. This hindered efforts to personalize services and effectively address customer issues.

The fragmented data further complicated the generation of comprehensive insights, resulting in poor customer satisfaction due to issues such as slow response times to complaints. To address these challenges, Reliance Infosystems emphasized strategic alignment engagements. This approach focused on a deep understanding of the client's specific environment and challenges before proposing tailored solutions. Key stakeholders including management and business users' goals and overall experience were prioritized for the solution implementation.

Furthermore, the success of the implementation hinges on employee adoption of the new system. Reliance Infosystems provided initial training and ongoing support to ensure staff utilize the new tools effectively. By offering comprehensive training on the new system employees are equipped to easily understand the solution functionalities, and benefits, adapt to the changes, and address any challenges they encounter.

Dynamics 365 Integration Capabilities

Dynamics 365 Customer Service was integrated with Coronation Registrars' existing systems, allowing for a cohesive and efficient operational environment without the need for a complete overhaul of their current infrastructure. Coronation Registrars employs Process Maker and HoduCC to manage their customer interactions, and Reliance Infosystems played a crucial role in enhancing their capabilities.

By exploring and implementing potential integrations between Process Maker, HoduCC, and Dynamics 365 Marketing, Reliance Infosystems provided added value to Coronation Registrars. This integrated approach created a more streamlined workflow for Coronation Registrars, enabling them to leverage the combined strengths of these platforms. The integration facilitated seamless data flow, improved process automation, and enhanced customer engagement strategies, thereby optimizing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of Coronation Registrars' customer management processes.

Project Impact

For immediate impacts, the centralized system has eliminated the need to chase information across different channels, resulting in faster resolution times and enhanced customer satisfaction.

With the implementation of multi-channel support, Coronation can now offer a more seamless experience for customers. Efficient assistance is provided through various channels such as phone, email, and web chat, leading to increased customer satisfaction and potentially fewer escalated issues.

The unified customer view provided by the new system offers Coronation Registrar a real-time picture of all customer interactions. This enables them to identify trends, anticipate customer needs, and proactively address potential issues.

Projected Impacts

By streamlining processes and eliminating manual tasks, the organization can increase efficiency and free up staff time to focus on higher-value activities. This can lead to overall operational efficiency and potentially reduced costs.

Access to comprehensive customer data and insights enables more informed business decisions. The organization can identify areas for improvement, optimize marketing campaigns, and personalize customer service strategies.

Providing a better customer experience and resolving issues efficiently can increase customer retention and loyalty. This improvement in customer satisfaction can translate to increased revenue and a stronger brand reputation in the long run.