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How Lagos Bus Service Limited Achieved Digital Transformation Excellence.

Lagos Bus Service Limited

Customer Name: Lagos Bus Service Limited

Industry: Transport Service

Location/Country: Lagos, Nigeria 

Solution: Microsoft dynamic 365 Business central

Partner: Reliance Infosystems

Lagos Bus Service Limited (LBSL), a visionary player in transport asset acquisition, operations and advisory services, has harnessed the power of digital transformation to revolutionize the city’s transportation landscape.

Join us as we delve into their journey of challenges, solutions, and triumphant success.

The Quest for Orderly Mobility

As Lagos evolved into a smart city, LBSL's mission took on a new significance - to pave the way for a competitive transport ecosystem driven by efficiency, availability, and pricing. Positioned to ensure orderliness and coordination, LBSL embarked on a mission to transform the city's transport landscape.

Confronting Challenges

LBSL, though at the forefront of change, grappled with its own set of operational challenges. The reliance on Sage for accounting management and Excel for various processes had become a barrier to progress. The challenges were numerous:

  • Integration Woes: Lack of integration across departments led to heavy manual processes, resulting in inefficiencies and duplication of efforts.

    Data Disparities: Disparate applications across departments exacerbated data duplication, leading to inconsistencies in reporting and decision-making.

    Financial Reporting Gaps: The absence of comprehensive financial reporting tools hindered the company's ability to gain accurate insights into its financial health.

    Operational Inefficiencies: Inventory management issues, frequent unexplained downtime, and manual HR activities marred operational efficiency.

    Excel Reliance: Excel-reliant operations resulted in inaccuracies in payroll calculations, limited collaboration, and inability to elevate customer service.

The Turning Point

LBSL's determination to overcome these challenges led them to a transformative partnership with Reliance Infosystems. With meticulous research and analysis, a bold decision was made to embrace innovation and implement a solution that would reshape their operations.

The Transformation Journey

The adoption of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement marked a turning point in LBSL's journey:

  • Unshackling Boundaries: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, a cloud-based application, liberated LBSL's staff from physical constraints. Work could now be accomplished from anywhere, at any time.

  • Eradicating Manual Processes: Employee self-service activities eliminated manual and paper-based processes. Intelligent approval automation streamlined workflows, enhancing efficiency across the board.

  • Empowering Customer Experience: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement transformed LBSL's customer service. Profiling customers, integration with Avatar for identification, welcome calls, and data analytics elevated the customer experience to unprecedented heights.

The Impact

The ripple effects of this transformation were felt across LBSL:

  • Operational Efficiency: Inefficiencies were replaced with streamlined processes, allowing LBSL to function seamlessly and offer improved services.

  • Strategic Insights: Comprehensive financial reporting empowered strategic decision-making, enhancing LBSL's position in the market.

  • Remote Empowerment: The cloud-based solution enabled LBSL's staff to work remotely, unlocking new possibilities for collaboration and productivity.

  • Elevated Customer Experience: With advanced customer engagement tools, LBSL cemented its commitment to providing an exceptional customer journey.

Automated Payroll Precision

At the heart of LBSL's evolution lies an advanced payroll solution, harmonized with Nigeria's intricate tax system. This innovation allowed the HR staff to step into a new era of efficiency. With the system's prowess, staff earnings, relief, and deductions were calculated with precision. Statutory reports such as PAYE, NSITF, Pension Contributions, Salary Schedules, and Payment Instructions were at their fingertips. But it did not stop there. LBSL's HR processes, spanning from Manpower Planning to Employee Exit Management, underwent a radical transformation, bringing seamless efficiency to the forefront.

Effortless Inventory Mastery

The administrative department found their ally in Microsoft Dynamics 365, seamlessly mastering the intricacies of inventory management. The once convoluted procurement cycle now flowed like a well-choreographed dance. From requisition to payment, every step was streamlined, bolstering efficiency, and reducing bottlenecks.

360-Degree Customer Insights

The curtains rise to reveal Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales stepping onto the stage, transforming LBSL's customer engagement. With this solution, LBSL acquired a panoramic view of their clientele. Every interaction, every preference, every historical tidbit - all at their fingertips. Armed with this knowledge, LBSL's service agents were empowered to provide top-tier service across all communication channels. Collaborative tools and contextual analytics became their allies, enhancing service delivery beyond measure.

Enhanced Loyalty, Unmatched Efficiency

Microsoft Dynamics 365 did not just stop at customer insights; it breathed life into enhanced loyalty strategies. LBSL found the power to craft targeted nurture campaigns, match customers with suitable products, and provide personalized service, all thanks to holistic customer management capabilities.

Operational Harmony, Integration Mastery

Behind the scenes, Microsoft Dynamics 365 orchestrated a symphony of operational harmony. Streamlined processes, integrated knowledge management, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), agent scripting, and recommendations elevated productivity to new heights. Integration with Avaya for Caller Identification added another layer of seamlessness, making every customer interaction an effortless experience.

Ingenious Call Handling, Empowered Agents

A star of the show was Ingenius Connector Enterprise. It brought advanced features like screen pop, click-to-dial, automated call logging, and insightful call reports to LBSL's contact center, enhancing customer interactions and agent performance alike.

Elevating Agent Performance

The solution did not just end at external interactions. Dynamics 365 went beyond, monitoring and evaluating agent performance, providing sales tools, personalized training, and corrective measures, all geared towards fostering loyalty and enhancing efficiency.

A Journey of Evolution

From automating payroll intricacies to revitalizing customer engagement, Microsoft Dynamics 365 breathed new life into Lagos Bus Service Limited. In this age of transformation, LBSL's story serves as a beacon, urging businesses to embrace technology, unlock possibilities, and rewrite their own tales of success.

A Bright Future Unveiled

LBSL's journey from challenges to triumph stands as a testament to the boundless potential of digital transformation. Their partnership with Reliance Infosystems and adoption of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions has not only propelled LBSL towards operational excellence but has also positioned them as pioneers in urban mobility. As Lagos continues to evolve, LBSL's story serves as an inspiration, urging enterprises to embrace innovation and transform challenges into opportunities for success.

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