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How Coronation Registrars Revolutionized their Services with Dynamics 365 Customer Service


Customer Name: Coronation

Industry: Financial Service

Location/Country: Lagos, Nigeria

Solution: Dynamic 365 customer service

Partner: Reliance Infosystems

Coronation Registrars a trailblazer in the realm of securities register and data administration, with innovation woven into their DNA, introduced a slew of game-changing technological solutions, ranging from e-dividends to electronic polling. Yet, beneath their stellar reputation, lay challenges that beckoned for a comprehensive resolution.

Unveiling the Challenges

Despite their expert team and groundbreaking technology, Coronation Registrars needed to holistically onboard customers and oversee their interactions. The absence of a unified customer view created a fragmented understanding of these interactions, stifling comprehensive insights crucial for informed decision-making. Moreover, a chink in their armor was evident in handling customer complaints, jeopardizing their ability to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

A Paradigm Shift

In the midst of these challenges, the dawn of change arrived with the collaboration between Coronation Registrars and Reliance Infosystems. With meticulous research and strategic planning, a beacon of transformation emerged in the form of Dynamics 365 Customer Service. This customer relationship management (CRM) solution bore the promise of revolutionizing customer service operations.

Embracing Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Customer Service became Coronation Registrars' steadfast ally, empowering them with tools to streamline customer interactions and amplify support across multiple channels. A panoramic view of their customers' journeys unfurled before their agents, as profiles, interactions, and support histories converged into a single tapestry. No longer were agents burdened by the limitations of a fractured system; they effortlessly navigated between open cases, ensuring no progress was lost.

Empowerment through Knowledge

In an age where information is power, Dynamics 365 Customer Service united fragmented data sources into a harmonious symphony of knowledge. Agents were armed with the insights required to swiftly address issues, catalyzed by a federated knowledge search that bridged disparate databases. This integration was further amplified through a seamless union with Process Maker and Hodu Softphone, ensuring consistency in every interaction.

The Triumph of Transformation

The results spoke volumes. Coronation Registrars transitioned from manual operations to an automated, integrated realm governed by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service. The ripple effect was palpable - business operations streamlined, insights became sharper, and customer satisfaction soared to new heights.

In the heart of Nigeria's financial landscape, Coronation Registrars etched their legacy, not just as providers of services, but as architects of transformation. The story of their evolution stands as a testament to the potent partnership between innovation, technology, and unwavering commitment to customer excellence.

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